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 Tender Number: IFB    , East Africa   Expires:09/05/2014
The Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) is a specialized institution of the East African community (EAC) that is responsible for coordinating the sustainable development agenda of the Lake Victoria Basin. The establishment of the Commission is provided for under Article 114 of the Treaty for Establishment of the East African Community (1999) and specifically under Article 33 of the Protocol for Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin. The Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) coordinated the implementation of Mount Elgon Regional Ecosystem Conservation Programme (MERECP) Phase I from I "March 2009 to 30th November 2012.

The MERECP is a transboundary programme which seeks to promote transboundary collaboration and cooperation between the Republics of Kenya and Uganda in the Mount Elgon landscape. Being a dynamic programme, stakeholders recognize the importance of communicating effectively both internally and publicly through the use of participatory approaches in order to have impact locally, nationally, regionally and indeed beyond, at the global level.

The LVBC has received funds from the Government of Royal Kingdom of Norway towards the implementation of MERECP Phase ll_bridging phase for the period January 2014 to December 2014. The LVBC seeks to use part of this fund to develop a MERECP web-based knowledge portal to act as a repository for all information and knowledge materials on Mt. Elgon Trans boundary Ecosystem.

The web portal is expected to maintain a collection of all knowledge products including project information, including technical reports, project documents, data sets, fact sheets, GIS maps, newsletters, press releases, and Internet links. The Web Portal will also incorporate a GIS platform. The GIS platform will include Spatial and attribute data on MERECP activities. The envisioned Web-GIS platform must have capability to host geographic data, information and knowledge.

The LVBC now invites eligible consultant(s)/firm(s) to submit technical and financial Proposals for undertaking the consultancy (detailed Terms of Reference for the Consultancy is available on the LVBC's website at www.lvbcom.org. Interested consultant(s) and firm(s) must provide information indicating that they are qualified to undertake the consultancy (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications.

Technical and Financial proposals should be submitted on or before 5th September, 2014 to the

Executive Secretary (Attn: Secretary,

Tender Committee, Lake Victoria Basin Commission Secretariat,
P.O. Box 1510 - 40100, Re-insurance Plaza 6th Floor,
Kisumu, Kenya.

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Email: lvbc@lvbcom.org