ICT Africa Tenders

 Establishment of Computer Refurbishment Centre In Kimberly
 Tender Number: RFI 61/2013   Pretoria , South Africa   Expires:02/17/2014
1. Introduction

1.1 "SITA" is a company with limited liability duly incorporated in accordance with the Companies Act of the Republic of South Africa, company registration number 1999/001899/07, and in terms of the State Information Technology Agency Act No 88 of 1998 [Hereinafter referred to as “SITA Act”] as amended by Act 38 of 2002.
1.2 SITA is mandated in accordance with section 7(g) of the Act to render ICT services to government departments, and to act as the procurement agency of the Government.
1.3 SITA herewith invites respondents to provide information on Competency Assessment Tools for Information Technology (IT) Technical Jobs for SITA.

2. Definitions

2.1 “RFI” - means a Request for information, which is a written official enquiry document encompassing all the terms and conditions of the information in a prescribed or stipulated form.
2.2 “RFI response” - means a written response in a prescribed form in response to an RFI.
2.3 “Acceptable RFI” - means any RFI, which, in all respects, complies with the specifications and conditions of the Request for RFI as set out in this document.
2.4 “Vendors” - means any enterprise, consortium or person, partnership, company, close corporation, firm or any other form of enterprise or person, legal or natural, which has been invited by SITA to submit a bid in response to this RFI.
2.5 “Client” - means Government departments, provincial and local administrations that participate in SITA procurement processes.
2.6 “Consortium” - means several entities joining forces under an umbrella to gain a strategic collaborative advantage by combining their expertise, capital, efforts, skills and knowledge for the purpose of executing a tender.
2.7 “Goods” – means any work, equipment, machinery, tools, materials or anything of whatever nature to be rendered to SITA or Government in terms of a bid.
2.8 “Hosting Partners” - means companies who entered into an agreement with SITA in the areas of application management; application hosting, application service provision, and marketplace hosting are incorporated in this category.
2.9 “Internal Collaboration” - means collaborative arrangements within a group of companies or within various strategic business units/subsidiaries/operating divisions in order to gain a strategic position whilst sharing resources, profits and losses as well as risks.
2.10 “Management” - in relation to an enterprise or business, means an activity inclusive of control, and performed on a daily basis, by any person who is a principal executive officer of the company, by whatever name that person may be designated, and whether or not that person is a director.
2.11 “Organ of State” - means a constitutional institution defined in the Public Finance Management Act, Act 1 of 1999.
2.12 “Person (s)” - refers to a natural and/or juristic person (s).
2.13 “Respondent” – means any person (natural or juristic) who forwards an acceptable RFI in response to this RFI with the intention of being the main contractor should the RFI be awarded to him.

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