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 Tender Number: 12-13/CHUK/S/IR/NC/27    KIGALI , Rwanda   Expires:19 JULY, 2013
TITLE: Consultancy services of assistance for OpenClinic REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Nº: 12-13/CHUK/S/IR/NC/27 1. The University Teaching Hospital of Kigali hereby invites the consultants firms to provide their proposals for consultancy services of Assistance for Open clinic 2. More details requirements for these services are provided in the Terms of Reference. 3. Participation to the competition is open on equal conditions to all companies specialised in the field 4. Request For Propositions may be obtained in English and French at the procurement office of CHUK during working hours from 15th May 2013 upon payment of a non refundable fee of Five thousand Rwandan francs (5,000 rwf) on the account Nº 120.00.46 of Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) located at the BNR (Banque Nationale du Rwanda). 5. Enquiries regarding this tender may be addressed to the Director General of CHUK; 1024 rue de la paix; Po.box 655 Kigali- Rwanda. 6. The title and the reference number of the proposal must be clearly indicated on the payment slip 7. The present Request For Proposals includes the following documents: Section I - Letter of Invitation Section II - Instructions to Consultants Section III- Instructions to Consultants, Data Sheet Section IV - Technical Proposal - Standard Forms Section V - Financial Proposal - Standard Forms Section VI - Terms of Reference Section VII - Standard Forms of Contract. 8. The technical and financial proposal must be presented separately in different envelopes, each one bearing the mention indicating the nature of the proposal, the name of the consultancy firm contained in one sealed envelope. 9. Consultant must submit the original and 3 copies of the technical proposal and the original of the financial proposal and 3 copies. The proposal should reach the central secretariat of CHUK addressed to: The Director General of CHUK PO BOX 655 KIGALI, TEL: +250 575555, Fax: 250 576 638. Not later than 19th June 2013 at 1:00pm. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted. Late bids shall be rejected. 10. The opening of the technical proposal will take place the same day at.19th.June 2013 2: 00 pm in a public session at CHUK conference room. 11. The technical proposals must be accompanied by a bid security of Five Hundred twenty thousand Rwandan francs (520.000rwf) 12. The proposals will remain valid 120 days starting from the proposal opening date 13. A consultant firm will be selected under and in compliance with Quality- and Cost-Based Selection method (QCBS) and procedures described hereinafter in the present Request For Proposals, in accordance with the Law on Public procurement in Rwanda Dr HATEGEKIMANA Théobald Director General of CHUK
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