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CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER - NTO,   Johannesburg,   South Africa
The National Technology Officer (NTO) role is responsible for external outreach and engagement with technology policy elites, leading academics and government decision makers with the objective of enabling the creation, or maintenance, of a technology policy environment which supports the subsidiary's growth objectives.

The NTO will develop, in conjunction with the subsidiary leadership team, an engagement strategy which addresses existing and emergent technology policy issues which impact Microsoft’s business model and capacity to grow. These engagement strategies will have a significant and material impact on the subsidiary's mid to long term growth prospects and recognize that a failure to address emerging technology policy issues can lead to government policy making and intervention which severely restricts Microsoft’s freedom of action in its local markets and around the world.

The following characteristics should be seen as critical for a successful National Technology Officer:
1) A deep understanding of the impact of information technology in national social and economic systems as well as within the business of government.
2) A profound understanding of the breadth of Microsoft’s business, strategies and applicable business models
3) A broad technical understanding (Level 100/200) across many of the current and future technology policy domains:
a. Open Standards, Interoperability, Security, Privacy, Open Source, Wireless and Spectrum, Systems Architecture, Development Technologies, etc.
4) A demonstrated depth of technical expertise (Level 300) in at least one of the above mentioned domains
5) Demonstrated expertise in building and leveraging sustained relationships with:
a. Ministerial levels of government and their technology policy advisors
b. Leading academics and think tanks on issues of social and economic policy
c. C-Level executives and their advisors in the business of government
6) The highest levels of competence in public speaking and presentation skills
7) Significant experience and expertise in representing complex company or product strategies to members of the press and analyst communities.
8) Demonstrated competence in working within a virtual team environment and accomplishment of goals and objectives through influence of others not under direct management control

The NTO reports either to the Country Manager (Preferred) or to the local Public Sector Director. The NTO is a particularly demanding role which requires both internal strategic focus as well as a significant, 60% commitment to external engagements and relationship building.

By definition the role has no direct reports. However, local management teams may make the decision to house other resources within a " National Technology Office" lead by the NTO e.g. Chief Security Advisor, Standards Specialists etc.

The role has a primary commitment of 60% external face time with a 75% time allocation on Public Sector engagements and 25% available to other segments as determined by the local leadership team.

The NTO is expected to be an active participant in the WW Technology Officer Community and as such will be expected to contribute to the development of the community by active participation in community forums and through best practices sharing with other NTOs around the world. The NTO is required to attend 3 WWTO meetings per year outside the local geography

Microsoft South Africa is aequal opportunity employer - preference will be given to South African diveristy candidates.

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