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Unix Testing Engineer,   Cairo,   Egypt
The Unix Testing Engineer will have immediate responsibility for:
Develop and design test specifications based on the functional requirements
Execute test procedures and update the test results
Report, track, and retest defects
It also includes:
Develop automated test suites for regression tests
Develop and execute performance and security tests.
Test specifications development
Review customer requirements
Develop and design test cases based on customer requirements
Review and update test cases
Construct and prepare test datasets

Test Execution
Execute the software based on the plans and test documents
Create execution records and update the status according to the results

Defects management
Report defects whenever they occur, track and monitor them
Retest defects when they are resolved
Execute regression buckets

Test automation
Design, implement, and execute automation test suites for regression tests

Non-functional tests
Tests are conducted to evaluate other aspects of the system. It includes Performance testing (Load, stress, endurance), and Security testing
Typical activities are design test scenarios, develop test scripts, execute simulations, and analysing/reporting the results.

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