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Senior Customer Project Manager,   Cairo,   Egypt
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Job Summary:

The Customer Project Manager Job Role purpose is to manage assigned customer projects to secure that project goals are met, customer’s expectations are fulfilled and that the customer relation is handled in the best possible way within the scope of the contract.

Responsibilities and Tasks:
Establish project plan baseline: define project scope, secure the necessary resources and plans and monitor all activities
Drive project execution: track project activities , monitor and handle changes, conflicts and escalations
Handle customer and stakeholder engagement: manage customer relationship building confidence and trust , ensure project progress arranging meetings and customer events
Manage project finance: ensure financial system monitoring
Develop the business: participate to contract preparation and to pre-sales meeting
Develop the CPM discipline: simplify processes, methods and tools with innovative ideas
Core Competences
Leadership skills
Consultative skills
Financial understanding
Business understanding
Sales and business development skills
Customer insight
Negotiation and argumentation skills
Project management skills
Problem solving
Presentation and communication skills
Minimum Qualification and Experience Requirements
[Bulleted list item]
Preferred Qualification and Experience Requirements
PMI certifications
Project Sales Process
Contract management
3rd pp suppliers management experience
Additional Requirements, Physical Demands, Region / Local Specifications
[Relocation, certifications, travel requirements, immigration, and background checks, etc.]
[Local specifications, legal disclaimers, Conclusion, as applicable]
Limited Internal


Prepared (also subject responsible if other) No.

EAB/GR/K Fredrik Norberg 0207-FBD 101 205

Approved Checked Date Rev Reference

2009-10-13 B

Functional Role Description for Customer Project



1 Purpose of the functional role 1

2 Responsibilities 1

3 Authorities 2

4 Main activities 2

5 Interfaces 2

6 Requirements 3

6.1 Competence Requirements 3

6.2 Certification 3

7 Revision History 3

1 Purpose of the functional role

The role of a Customer Project Manager (CPM) is:

• to manage customer projects

• to secure that the project goals are met

• to fulfil the customer's expectations

• To handle the customer relation in the best possible way within the scope

of the contract.

• to generate additional sales

The Functional Role CPM shall be used for all customer facing Project

Managers in the service delivery organizations.

2 Responsibilities

The CPM is responsible for all project activities during the project phases his /

her assignment applies to.

The responsibility mainly consists of planning, setting up, and executing the

project activities, ensuring that the project goals are met and that the

customer’s business requirements are fulfilled.

The CPM has the overall responsibility to achieve the project goals with

respect to functions, time and budget, and for the progress of the project.

He/she administrates plans, risk handling, resource issues and reports to the

project sponsor.

Limited Internal


Prepared (also subject responsible if other) No.

EAB/GR/K Fredrik Norberg 0207-FBD 101 205

Approved Checked Date Rev Reference

2009-10-13 B

The CPM should also manage the customer relation and the customer’s

expectations and thus handle changes together with the requirements for the

projects as described in the project specification. Handling expectations is

extremely important to get a satisfied customer.

The CPM can have project staff members as support and delegate project

tasks, but the CPM retains accountability.

3 Authorities

The CPM’s assignment shall be described in an assignment specification

provided by the sponsor / assigner. The CPM shall have the authorities

according to descriptions in this assignment. The main project guideline is the

Ericsson Customer Project Model – PROPS-C.

Normally, it is necessary to make complementary authority descriptions in the

project specification.

This authority shall cover the right to approve all project-numbered

documents, other than assignment specification, project specification and

other ordering documents. It also authorizes the Customer Project Manager to

handle issues concerning economy, purchase, resources, changes in the time

schedule etc. within the scope of the project including accepted changes of

the project.

4 Main activities

PROPS-C is the project model for all customer projects within Ericsson. In

PROPS-C, the role view of the Customer Project manager contains

descriptions accountability, responsibility and process activities within each of

the project phases.


PROPS-C role view of CPM

The PROPS-C Adherence Tool supports assessment of compliance to

customer project practice.

PROPS-C Adherence Tool

5 Interfaces

Interfaces and communication between the CPM and project stakeholders

shall be defined in the project specification. Such interfaces can include, but

are not limited to:

• Internal : Project Sponsor, Steering Group, Customer Unit, Delivery


Limited Internal


Prepared (also subject responsible if other) No.

EAB/GR/K Fredrik Norberg 0207-FBD 101 205

Approved Checked Date Rev Reference

2009-10-13 B

• External: Customer as required

• Project: All stakeholders, Team members, Project Office

6 Requirements

6.1 Competence Requirements

Competence requirements are expressed in the Competence Profiles for the

Functional Role.

Competence Profiles for the functional role FR-CDR-CPM

In addition to the above competence profiles, a CPM must have specific

Functional Skills to qualify what domain or domains the CPM has competence

to work within:

Functional Skill PA association

FS-Project Mgmt Systems Integration C&SI

FS-Network Design

And / or

FS-Network Optimization


FS-Project Mgmt Network Rollout NRO

FS-Establish, Trans & Transform



FS-Project Mgmt Learning Services C&SI

6.2 Certification

Link to BUGS certification program.

DISCLAIMER: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this classification. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of employees assigned to this position. Therefore employees assigned may be required to perform additional job tasks required by the manager.
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