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Social media specialist | Inbound Marketing Specialist,   Cairo,   Egypt
We are seeking for a highly motivated and skilled social media Specialist. From scheduling and formatting Daily posts, to assisting in writing social media news about Software and pcs utility from around the globe. If you are interested, Plz send your CV to Mohammed.kareem@Baidu.com
Job Tasks
- Manage a portion of Baidu software on Facebook and Twitter presence
- Experience interacting with users, understanding their needs and translating into product designs.
- Create actionable ideas to expand Baidu reach on Tumblr, Pinterest & Google+
- Research and perform initial outreach to potential Social Media Partners
- Stay up to date on the latest trends in Social Media and report to supervisors
- Assisting in developing new angles and strategies for social media activities
- Blogger outreach and article promotion
- Working with Operation team to increase social media following and engagement
- Promoting Baidu Software products editorial calendar and articles on all social media platforms
- Knowledge of SEO best practices
- Measuring the effectiveness of social media initiatives
Passion for content, media and the Internet

Desired Skills and Experience
Bachelor’s Degree on related filed
• Photoshop knowledge required, some design education preferred, IT background preferred.
• Previous experience with web analytics
• Proven success on Social Media platforms, either personal or professional
• 1-2 years of experience managing social media platforms or communities for brands
• Excellent copywriting, creative thinking, written and verbal communication skills
• Experienced with Microsoft Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Self-starter and ability to work independently- Strong communication skills- Strong creative writing skills

About this company
Our mission is to provide the best way for people to find information. To do this we listen carefully to our users' needs and wants. Have we collected all the Chinese web pages they want to see? Are the pages current and up to date? Are the search results closely related to their queries? Did we return those search results instantly? To improve user experience, we constantly make improvements to our products and services. For example, we introduced "phonetic" or "pin-yin" search which allows our users to type in Chinese keywords using English alphabets. This feature is designed to skip the switching from English inputting to Chinese inputting and for when the user is not sure of the written form of a keyword. Our users definitely notice the many little things that we do differently to ensure a simple and reliable search experience every time.

In addition to serving individual users, we also serve as a media platform for online marketing customers. We not only provide our customers easy access to one of the largest online audiences in China but also targeted groups with defined interests as indicated by queries. Unlike traditional online advertising services which charge by flat fee, our marketing products and services are performance based. Our Pay for Performance model has taken the market by storm because it is cost effective and measurable.

We know that a lot of interesting things are going on in the Internet space, but we don't want to lose focus. China's Internet search industry is only a newly discovered territory. We see vast untapped grounds in our home base and we believe there are still plenty of prizes to be claimed by the best players.
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