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Data Analyst,   Cape Town,   South Africa
An opportunity exists for an experienced Data Analyst to join the VoIP division centered in Cape Town to provide expertise to acquire, manage, manipulate and analyse data and report results. There is also some database administration work required so as to ensure the smooth running of the databases.

Duties & responsibilities:
Manage data and ensure it is housed in the correct logical stores and correctly indexed to ensure the optimal speed of query resolution
Plan for database growth and supporting infrastructure
Monitor backups and archiving processes
Manage scheduled processes to crunch/ process data
Liaise with the business, understanding challenges, issues and information requirements
Analyse and monitor internal data to provide business with insight such as trends, behaviors, profiles & segments
Creating reports, dashboards, graphs, presentations on BI platforms to satisfy business information requirements
Interpreting data and communicating to the business in a comprehensible and valuable manner, along with recommending sound business actions
Creating and maintaining awareness amongst business of information-driven solutions to problems
Handling ad hoc intelligence requests for business
Liaising with development
Review technical and business system specifications and ensure that information requirements have been considered and solutions designed appropriately for information delivery

Desired Skills and Experience
Qualifications & experience required
BCom degree/Business Science or BTech Business Diploma or similar qualification, including Stats and Research as modules
Minimum of 3 years’ experience within a Data Analyst role
Must have experience working with multiple, complex data sources which are not integrated
Expert level proficiency with reporting tools and report designers, MySQL, SQL
Must have experience within an ISP or Technology environment
Linux experience advantageous
Previous experience within a telecoms environment and Call Detail Records is highly essential

Ability to transform business problems into data solutions
Strong analytical skills
Understanding of operational system structures
Thoroughness and attention to detail
Enthusiastic and flexible approach with strong oral and written presentation skills

About this company
Welcome to MWEB. The Internet is the most powerful communication tool ever devised. It is also the most complex. Since MWEB was founded in 1997, its sole mission has been to unlock the full potential of the Internet for its customers by delivering an online experience that is fast, simple, reliable and tailored to the needs of each customer, whether a home or business user.

MWEB is at the forefront of Internet research and development, always looking for new ways to delight its customer with constant innovation and superior service. MWEB currently serves 350 000 South African users through its MWEB and MWEB Business divisions, and also operates in a number of other African countries and in the Far East.
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