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IT Strategy Consultant,   Sandton,   South Africa
Responsible for facilitating long term strategy development and provide company management with strategy updates. Develops and implements a strategy definition and implementation process in division, including scorecards and measurements against long term strategy. Provides management with corporate performance measures and competitor analysis and ensures functional alignment with Group Strategy. Responsible for developing partnerships, strategic alliances and associations whilst representing the company's views effectively.

Key Performance Areas:
Managed Business Results

Establish and drive the long term strategy for the division ensure alignment to group objectives via appropriate scorecard management and monitoring and following up on required management actions
Develop outcomes based action plans to realise division strategy
Manage the translation and acceptance of the three-year IT strategies into GT Scorecards that align to business objectives.
Drive realisation and execution of divisional strategy and action plan to realise division strategy
Monitor, control and align strategy realisation to ensure the continuous alignment of divisional strategy
Understand competitor activity and act to leverage opportunities to create a competitive and successful function
Responsibilities include long-term planning, budgeting, staffing and operations.

Business Results

1. Documented the IT Balanced Scorecards (BSC’s)and submitted into the GT Executive and Nedbank Group Strategy process.
2. Delivered systems, products & projects which contributed to improved client service
3. Delivered project results cost effectively on time and within risk parameters
4. Advice given on systems, processes and equipment accepted and implemented, led to improved results

Managed Client & Relationship Results

Divisional and group strategy is translated into Effective, clear and measurable action plans , to ensure strategic alignment and realisation
Drive effective and efficient service or product delivery to realise sustainable strategic intent and provide insight into the organisation
Improves efficiency by providing management information, system improvements and standardised procedures.
Provides guidance to top management with regards to potential areas of improvement
Portfolio of services or projects are configured to drive priority delivery based on strategic alignment and return on investment.
Services provided are benchmarked to the industry and are structured to achieve quality and cost competitiveness which is made transparent to the client

Client & Relationship Results

1. Understood and consistently met client needs
2. Effective internal relationships created synergy
3. vendor &supplier relationships built and maintained
4. Built sound professional relationships - understood and consistently met client needs
5. Developed trusting / professional internal relationships to smooth the flow of work
6. Developed collaborative relationships with contractors / consultants / suppliers which met business needs

Managed Management & Process Results

Manage the cascading of BSC’s into all stakeholders within GT
Establish standardised frameworks to ensure alignment to Group planning and definition requirements
Establish and manage appropriate risk practices

Management & Process Results

1. Consistently ensured work completed to plan, progress reviewed & corrective action taken
2. Resource utilisation produced balanced output i.e.. quality, cost, business expectations and compliance
3. Complied with risk standards, monitored and corrective action taken
4. Identified and resolved work obstacles and problems effectively and had contingency options to deliver required output
5. Contributed to the crafting of polices, procedures, standards, processes, etc.

Managed Leadership & Learning Results

Review Nedbank and Business Unit Plan and ensure delivered systems, process, services and solutions are alignment to support the achievement of the business strategy, objectives and values .
Share professional knowledge by providing input and guidance to the application of measurement methodology and scorecards so that buy-in is obtained and approved methodologies and processes are applied by stakeholders.
Identify training opportunities and career progression for self through input and feedback from management, to improve personal capability and to stay abreast of developments in field of expertise.
Ensure all learning curriculum activates are completed within specified timeframe to ensure personal growth and enable effectiveness in performance of roles and responsibilities.

Leadership & Learning Results

1. Systems, process, services, solutions aligned to business strategy, objectives & values
2. Continuously developed professional knowledge relating to field of expertise
3. Shared knowledge with team and other professionals
4. Successfully obtained "buy-in" for value-adding projects, systems & products / processes

Managed Transformation & Innovation Results

Participate in Nedbank Culture building initiatives (e.g.. Surveys etc.) contributing to a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals.
Participate and support corporate responsibility initiatives for the achievement of business strategy (e.g.. Green Strategy).
Seek opportunities to improve business processes and systems by identifying and recommending effective ways to operate and adding value to Nedbank.

Transformation & Innovation Results

1. Supported team efforts to achieve transformation goals and established a culture conducive to the achievement of transformation goals
2. Supported and participated in corporate citizenship initiatives
3. Improvements to work methods, processes & systems were implemented successfully
4. Analysed, researched, developed & implemented innovative ideas & solutions adding value to Nedbank

Desired Skills and Experience
Essential Qualifications:
B degree or equivalent experience

Preferred Qualifications:
Relevant post graduate

Job Related Experience:
Minimum experience level

12 years and relevant industry experience

Type of exposure

Adjusting to a new work culture
Adjusting to a new work process
Adjusting to new work requirements
Analysing business operations
Analysing organisational culture to determine issues that affect performance
Analysing situations or data that requires and in depth evaluation of multiple factors
Assuming a key leadership role
Assuming an informal leadership role
Brainstorming ways of improving a product or situation
Brainstorming ways to improve a product or situation
Building a community of leaders
Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external clients and vendors
Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders
Building expertise in others and developing own managerial skill
Communicating complex information orally
Communicating complex written information
Conducting a needs analysis
Conducting benchmarking exercises to investigate improvement opportunities
Conducting Business Impact Analysis
Conducting root cause analysis
Consolidate data from various sources and identify/interpret trends
Creating presentations
Cross-functional experience
Delivering presentations adjusting technique to meet audience requirements
Developing a divisional strategy plan
Developing a functional/divisional strategy

Developing external strategic alliances
Developing resource plans to execute functional strategies
Developing strategies for overcoming barriers to change
Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with peers / subordinates / managers
Executing major organisational change
Facilitating achievement of objectives of multi-disciplinary teams
Forecasting resources needed to determine which projects will have the best impact
Getting results through others
Implementing governance frameworks, architecture policies, procedures and standards
Implementing strategies for overcoming barriers to change
Influencing stakeholders to obtain buy-in for concepts and ideas
Interacting in executive forums and board meetings
Interacting with various levels of management
Make data driven recommendations
Managing in a matrix organisation
Managing multiple projects
Monitoring implementation plan status
Negotiating a major deal/contract
Networking and building relationships
Organising complex data
Providing strategic advice
Resolving a difficult conflict
Supporting decisions with facts
Tracking progress
Using different approaches in new work situations
Working in a fast-paced environment
Working in a team
Working with a group to identify alternative solutions to a problem
Working with clients to solve client problems

Technical Competencies:
Business principles ( proficient)
Business terms and definitions (proficient)
Business writing skills (advance)
Competitor Analysis (proficient)
Data analysis (proficient)
Finance principles (proficient)
Information technology (advance)
Management information and reporting principles, tools and mechanisms (proficient)

Microsoft Office (advance)
Nedbank vision and strategy (advance)
Negotiation techniques (proficient)
Organisational redesign (fundamental )
Principles of project management (proficient)
Research and development (proficient)
Scenario Analysis (fundamental )
Staff resource planning (fundamental )
Stakeholder management (advance)
Strategic planning (advance)
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