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IS Analyst II (ECM Analyst-SharePoint),   Johannesburg,   South Africa
Systen Analyst that will be responsible for the ETL specification. Ananlysis of the business requirements
the GBM (our product) and the various source system and specifying the transformation logic. Also responsible for date reconciliation before data is loaded into the GBM. Banking business experience of banking product will be of great help.

Desired Skills and Experience
The applicant must have the following experience/skills:

Compile User Requirement
Compile Systems Development Specification
Various System Development and Implementation project (the whole SDLC)
Systems Development and Programming/Coding (SQL, Oracle)
Must have experience in a Information System Methodologies and Modelling Techniques
Data (Must be able to apply Data Modelling, Relational Theory and Normalisation)
Process Modelling and Pseudo Code
Must have SQL knowledge to interrogate source system data structures
Knowledge in the Banking or Investment Industries will be a great advantage
Communication Skills (management level and with senior developers, DBA’s)

Information Intelligence is an implementation partner of Infomet. Infomet has a product set that specialises in providing a total integrated and complete solution for Management Information, Business Intelligence and Regulatory Reporting in the Financial Sector. Infomet has many successful implementations at various major financial institutions in South Africa.

Assesment Topics:
Analysis Skills
Modelling Skills

Source System Data Interrogation
Pseudo Code
Data Normalization Theory

About this company
Infotelligence is a Company that specialised in Management Information (MI) especially in the Financial Industry. Infotelligence develops implements MI product in Oracle and QlikView.

Infotelligence is a channel partner for Infomet. Infomet originally specialized in Information Systems Development Methodologies and offered training and consultancy services in the SDLC. In the year 2000 Informet decided to focus on developing and providing an Information Delivery Solution that was far more than just providing Methodology and Related Services. Two more products was established to enable an Information Delivery Solution: The Generic Business Model and the physical hardware called the InfoStack

Primary Offerings
Information Delivery Solution (IDS) is a very solid and very well engineered offering that has been successfully implemented at various clients. The solution in engineered to deliver an integrated operational system and management information system, managing massive transaction/data volumes and providing high performance and fast information delivery
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