ICT Jobs in Africa

Senior Systems Developer,   Johannesburg,   South Africa
To enable the business to accomplish their business objectives effectively and efficiently by designing, maintaining and enhancing the IT systems, databases and reports.

Main Functions and Responsibility:

Design, develop, enhance and maintain computer systems
Write technical specifications
Configure and optimize applications
Design, develop, enhance and maintain system reports
Provide developer support and coaching
Provide user support on application systems
Implement and develop reports on MS reporting services
Recommend ideas and solutions.
Perform research and development of ideas and concepts
Interface with users, management, external IT service providers
Ensure that developers solutions are in conformity with the system architecture
Ensure developers comply with standards and procedures

Desired Skills and Experience

Minimum Requirements:

Relevant Industry Degree/Diploma in Information Technology
Ability to work with data and computer programs to build system solutions
Write technical specifications
Ability to design and develop solutions
Configure and optimize applications
Develop system reports
Good working knowledge and understanding of computer systems and technologies
Ability to provide user support on application Systems
Implement and develop reports on MS reporting services
Must be user oriented

Contributing to Team Success
Decision Making
Work Standards
Applied Learning
Customer Focus
Planning and Organising

Other Requirements:

Ability to recommend ideas and solutions.
Ability to research and develop solution of ideas and concepts
Ability to interface with users, management, external IT service providers
Must be a team player
Must provide developer support and coaching
Ability to work under pressure
Organizing ability and skills
Must be disciplined
Must adhere to standards
Ensure developers comply with standards

Experience: (Minimum necessary before being considered for the Job)

6 - 10 Years relevant IT experience
Advance knowledge of .Net 3.0 or higher
Advance knowledge of MS SQL 2008
Advance knowledge of C# programming language
Advance knowledge of HTML/ASP
Other Requirements:

Valid driver’s licence

About this company
Rand Mutual provides insurance to employers in respect of their liability to employees in terms of COIDA. In addition to providing benefits similar to those offered by COIDA, Rand Mutual also offers to its members a variety of accident related insurance products including the Augmentation Policy, Commuting Journeys Policy, Riot and Mines Auxiliary Forces Policy.
Rand Mutual remains a mutual association which means that the policy holders are also the shareholders. Share holding is adjusted annually in arrears based on the amount of premium paid by shareholders in respect of the previous year. The employers are the policy holders and the beneficiaries are the employees and, in the case of fatalities, the dependants of the employees.
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