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FiberGuide Schedules Certified Optical Network Training Event in Zimbabwe

FiberGuide has announced today that it has scheduled its first Full Article View Source


$1.2 Billion Debt - Access Bank, Others Take Over Etisalat

By Chima Akwaja and Nkechi Isaac

Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited, trading as Etisalat Nigeria, yesterday commenced restructu..

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Mainone Says Will Become Largest Internet Hub in West Africa With Open-Connect Service

By Yemisi Odusanya

MainOne, a telecom company said it planned to become largest internet hub in West Africa with Open-Connect Service.Mrs Funke ..

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EUTELSAT 172B Satellite Begins Ascent to Geo

Launched last Friday by an Ariane 5 rocket, the EUTELSAT 172B satellite has entered a new phase of its journey into space with the initiation of th..

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Social Media Marketing Partner – Commission Only

Please review carefully before responding.

We are looking for a marketing partner to support our ongoing fundraising initiative for an al..

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Digital Local Content in Africa is all the Rage but Platforms Remain Global

Kihara Kimachia

Over the last decade policy makers, educational institutions and private firms across the African continent..

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Cyber-Terror and Al-Shabab in the Kenya Massacre: When Social Media is used to Perpetrate the Slaughter of the Innocent

ICT Africa Writer
September 24, 2013

We have shared our opinions many times on cyber-espionage or Full Article View Source


FTTH Council Africa to Address Low Fibre Capacity Uptake

ICT Africa Writer
Septermber 18, 2013

The FTTH Council Afr..

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Mobile Authentication Service - A Service to Fight Counterfeit drugs

Brian Thompson, ICT Africa
July 8, 2013

It takes some technical know-how, a piece of chalk or some starch to create imitation drugs that do not..

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