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FiberGuide Signs an Agreement with Optical Technology Training (OTT) to Deliver Certified Optical Networking Courses in Africa.

The in-depth 5 day training course in optical networking is a key enabler for well-designed and implemented national backbones, metro networks, ..

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Uber Fare Boost Raises Income for Drivers, But will it Last?

Uber driver partners are paid 75% of the fare paid by the riders. It follows that when Uber continuously reduce rider fares, partner driver revenue..

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How to Run Successful Load Tests

Load testing is instrumental to any web or mobile presence, whether it is e-commerce, bookings, media, governmental or something else – a mode..

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Uber Kenya and Sidian Bank launch an innovative Vehicle Solutions Programme valued at Ksh 10 billion for driver-partners and investors in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 25, 2016/ -- Uber ( and Sidian Bank ( announced today that they have partnered to launch an i..

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Social Media Marketing Partner – Commission Only

Please review carefully before responding.

We are looking for a marketing partner to support our ongoing fundraising initiative for an al..

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Digital Local Content in Africa is all the Rage but Platforms Remain Global

Kihara Kimachia

Over the last decade policy makers, educational institutions and private firms across the African continent..

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Cyber-Terror and Al-Shabab in the Kenya Massacre: When Social Media is used to Perpetrate the Slaughter of the Innocent

ICT Africa Writer
September 24, 2013

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FTTH Council Africa to Address Low Fibre Capacity Uptake

ICT Africa Writer
Septermber 18, 2013

The FTTH Council Afr..

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Mobile Authentication Service - A Service to Fight Counterfeit drugs

Brian Thompson, ICT Africa
July 8, 2013

It takes some technical know-how, a piece of chalk or some starch to create imitation drugs that do not..

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