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Dining out in a restaurant usually sees one making an order with a waiter, who takes down the order on a notebook. They may then serve the order through a point of sale terminal(POS), or process the order directly from the notebook.

You can now make your order through a tablet. A waiter hands the client a tablet, the client goes through the menu, and selects what they will have. The order is then immediately processed as they hand the tablet back to the waiter, or to the next person on their table. The solution, developed by Teranga systems, is already rolling out in Dakar, Senegal.

Mohamadou Ndoye, co-founder of Teranga Hospitality Solutions says the hospitality sectors, like other sectors across Africa, has been growing at a fast pace, with both small, medium and large chains setting up. While medium and large hotel and restaurant chains may be in a position to afford existing robust hotel management and operation solutions, the smaller establishments may not have the capital to invest in such solutions.

Teranga is designed to run off the Internet both on PCs and mobile, with the pricing chosen to match what is in the range of what small restaurants and hotels can afford. The solutions includes a property management system, a central reservation system, an in-room concierge and a tablet based POS.

Ndoye also said that the solution provided (or planned to provide) analytics for hotel chains.

Teranga has so far made $50,000 in revenue, and has raised $100,000 in funding, and is looking to raise an additional $1.5 million to fund rollout and marketing in Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and South Africa.

Dennis Mbuvi:

Dennis Mbuvi has been writing at CIO East Africa Magazine and CIO.co.ke since May 2010. His key focus is the use of technology to solve day to day business challenges and product reviews. Mbuvi has been invited to speak at various IT, Telecom and Media events in the region. He was also a keynote speaker at the inaugural Joomla day in Kenya talking on possibilities of the Joomla Content Management System. Mbuvi holds a B.Sc in Computer Science degree from Kenyatta University. He is on Twitter as @denniskioko

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