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Notafy Brings Instant Messaging to Corporations - Demo Africa

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Mobile phone users may have largely moved to instant messaging(IM) applications such as Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger, which has seen more than 5 million downloads on Android in the last week. Businesses however have been left out of the move to instant messaging and are still stuck with plain, old, SMS.

Based out of South Africa, Andrew Cook is looking at having businesses join the IM fray through a smartphone app known as Notafy. Those using the app control what messages they are subscribed to.

In addition to providing a smartphone application, Notafy also provides a dashboard to businesses. From the dashboard, they can manage and send messages. The messages are received through the Notafy app for those who have the app installed, and as an ordinary text message for those who do not have the app installed. Those without the app installed also receive a text asking them to download the app.

Businesses are charged per user per month. Cook says the app already has 50,000 users in South Africa.

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