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Low Cost Africa Wi-fi Network at Demo Africa

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Commuting for many of urban dwellers in Africa involves spending lots of time stuck in traffic, listening to radio stations, or just staring out the window. Many of these commuters however own Internet enabled smartphones - they may however not use the same due to prohibitive cost of accessing content through mobile networks.

A Johannesburg based startup has developed WiFi routers, including one that is a box that consists of WiFi router and content storage. Content such as websites, videos and music are preloaded on the box. For power, the box can be connected to a car battery, solar or electric mains. On car battery, the WiFi routers can last for a week in between recharges. The WFi content boxes are periodically updated with new content. They can be located in malls, in taxis, buses and other public spaces. Their networks can cover a radius stretching to 20 kilometres.

Eduze makes money by showing display adverts, voice and video adverts in the Eduze smartphone app.

The startup has self funded to the tune of $25,000, and is looking for $35,000 to run a trial of the model. After this, Eduze looks to raise $180,000 funding in its first year and $220,000 in its second year.

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