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You Could Lose Your Money if Your Mobile Device Was Hacked Into

23 April, 2013
ICT Africa Writer
April 23, 2013

If somebody mentions fraud in the West, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is credit card fraud. In Africa, credit card fraud may not be as prevalent as in the West because too few people have credit cards. What could become synonymous with fraud in the near future is mobile transactions as more and more people resort to using mobile phones for many transactions.

Yet findings from a study by Norton revealed that most African and Middle Eastern mobile devices can easily be hacked into as they are always unprotected.

The study reveals that consumers from Africa and the Middle East, who rely on their mobile devices for applications way beyond voice communications, including money transfer, have not put a lot of thought into the potential losses they could incur if anybody happened to access to their mobile devices.

Consumers in these regions are now living various aspects of their work, social and online lives through their mobile devices.

From surfing online to downloading apps, shopping and making payments, Norton found that nearly 90% of online adults in the Middle East and Africa are mobile device users, of which a large majority use them to get on the Internet.

More than 28% of the people in the study do not pass-word protect their devices. It is very important that people who use mobile devices for a variety of applications, especially money transfer, protect them as if they were protecting a credit card.

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