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Nigeria: The Nation Not Ready to Fight Cyber Crime - NCC

12 March, 2013
Premium Times
March 12, 2013

The Nigerian government is ill-prepared to fight cyber crime, the Nigerian Communication Commission has said. The Commission, NCC, on Tuesday, however, assured that government computers are adequately protected from hackers.

The Director, New Media and Information Security, NCC, Sylvanus Ehikioya, said these in an interview in Lagos. He, however, noted that the Nigerian government cannot prosecute computer hackers yet, because of non-existent laws.

Mr. Ehikioya spoke against the background of alleged hacking of computers in the U.S. by government-paid hackers from China.

"For the Nigerian government, to a very large extent, we are protecting our systems, using the best practice.

"But until we pass the Cyber Security Bill, there is nothing that the Nigerian government can really do.

"Because, as of now, if you hack into any computer system, you cannot be prosecuted because there is no enabling act," he said.

He, therefore, urged the Federal Government and federal lawmakers to ensure the quick passage of the Harmonised 2011 Cyber Security Bill, to check cyber crime.

Nigeria, not ready

Mr. Ehikioya said it is the passage of the Cyber Security Bill that can empower government agencies to punish hackers, and deter those intending to commit such crimes.

"We, as a nation, are not very ready to fight cyber crime.

"The necessary infrastructure, in terms of legal and technical infrastructure, has not been put in place yet. For the technical infrastructure, the NCC is doing its best to ensure things are in order.

"But for the legal infrastructure, the government is still wobbling because since 2011, the Harmonised Cyber Security Bill has not been passed," he said.

Mr. Ehikioya pleaded with the National Assembly to revisit the 2011 Harmonised Cyber Security Bill, and not the current one before it, in the interest of Nigerians. NAN

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