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Zimbabwe: Telecel Introduces Broadband Plus

13 March, 2013
The Herald
March 13, 2013

TELECEL has introduced a new service called Telecel Broadband Plus, which brings down the cost of its internet dongles.This will make it easier and affordable for subscribers to access the internet wherever they may be.

The new data service comes with four bundles that subscribers can choose from, namely Compact, Lite, Standard and Heavy.Telecel Zimbabwe's data service and terminals supervisor, Ms Chenai Penduka, said: "In the past data was regarded as a luxury and seen as a privilege of the elite.

"That has changed. People from all walks of life are now using data for different reasons. Access to the internet has become universal and essential for all people.

"More and more people are now using data than ever before, many of them accessing it on their mobile phones.

"They are not just accessing the internet for fun or leisure but for communication and research."

She said the worldwide web and the ease with which it could now be searched, using a laptop and dongle or mobile phone, had given everyone access to a wealth of information.

"This is why we launched Telecel Broadband Plus, which provides data bundles cheaply for everyone, whether they are light, moderate or heavy users," she said.

The higher the value of the package, the longer the validity period offers. However, bonus data, which is only used when the ordinary data has been used up, is only valid for 30 days. The higher the denomination of data purchased the cheaper the price per Mb.

With a bundle it is US$0,63 per Mb, while with the US$75 bundle it is only US$0,38 per Mb.If all the bonus data is used as well the cost is half of this.

It is now possible for Telecel subscribers to access data using a computer, tablet or cellphone.

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