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Sierra Leone: Ambitel to Launch Mobile Services in Sierra Leone in 2013

12 March, 2013
Mohamed Massaquoi, Concord
March 12, 2013

LAP GreenN, the Libyan-owned African Telecommunications Group, is deeply concerned that several articles have recently been published in the Sierra Leone press alleging that LAP GreenN is engaged in illegal activities with regards to Ambitel, its mobile telephone company in Sierra Leone. LAP GreenN categorically denies that it is engaged in any illegal activity and re-iterates its commitment to Sierra Leone's commercial mobile telephone sector. LAP GreenN purchased a controlling stake in Ambitel in 2007, and currently holds 85% of its Common Equity. In 2008, the company secured a national license to provide GSM, WiMax and ISP services, and subsequently commenced roll out of a national network. Lap GreenN remains committed to its Sierra Leone operation in spite of recent political upheaval in Libya. Chairman of LAP GreenN, Wafik Al Shater stated:

"Ambitel has been subject to significant challenges over recent years which have delayed development of the business- this is why, now more than ever, we are putting our energies and resources to ensure the provision of world class telecommunications services to the people of Sierra Leone this year."

As the majority owner of Ambitel, LAP GreenN is actively engaged in considering options in Sierra Leone including but not limited to potential partnerships with other industry participants. The management of Ambitel is concurrently engaged in a dialogue with Sierra Leone's Telecoms Regulatory Authority (NATCOM) to ensure that Ambitel is at all times compliant with regulatory requirements.

Ambitel C.E.O., Mr. John Weir, stated: "Sierra Leone is a very promising market for Ambitel's shareholders: we see great potential to improve the lives of Sierra Leone's citizens through the provision of affordable and high quality communications services. These will allow people greater access to businesses, friends, family and information. LAP GreenN's commitment to the Sierra Leone market is evidenced by continued investment in the firm's people, provision of technology and growth."

"We reject the disinformation and false allegations which have recently appeared in local press articles. We vigorously contest the allegations made by one of our Board Members and will deal with this as an internal matter. We trust that the public will soon see the results of our efforts in establishing ourselves as a leading Sierra Leone telecoms company," Mr. John Weir declared. LAP GreenN is a subsidiary of LAIP (Libyan African Investment Portfolio), an investment vehicle incorporated in 2006, mandated to the development of multi-sector investment opportunities in African countries.

LAP GreenN is a fully fledged telecommunications group which currently has operations in Uganda, Ivory Coast, and South Sudan with future investment planned in Sierra Leone.

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