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Ethiopia: Ethio-Telecom to Upgrade to 3G LTE Technology

12 March, 2013
Government of Ethiopia
March 12, 2013

Ethio-telecom announced that it will upgrade its current 3G telecom infrastructure networks to the level of state-of-the-art 3G LTE (long-term evolution) telecommunications infrastructure networks. Dr. Mesfin Belachew, e-government directorate director at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, told reporters that, "Ethio-telecom is undertaking a technical evaluation of the proposals submitted by the Huawei Technologies and ZTE corporations companies."

The state-owned telecom monopoly announced plans two months ago to divide the country into eleven infrastructure zones, in order to better manage each network. The zones are to be distributed between the two companies, Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corporation, presently bidding for the network and upgrade expansion project. The two-year project, estimated to cost 1.5 billion dollars, is aimed at doubling the existing 20 million mobile phone users by 2014/15, and alleviating present network problems.

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