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Gambia: QCell Launches Qpower (Buying Cash Power Using Your QCell Line)

09 March, 2013
Sarjo Camara, Foroyaa
March 9, 2013

QCell, a GSM operator, in collaboration with the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC), yesterday launched a service for the cash power buyers only at a click of the button. The launch was witnessed by telecommunication experts, politicians and media practitioners.

"Today, QCell is happy to announce that you only need to carry a Qcell SIM card and you can buy NAWEC cash power through our Qcell Airtime vouchers or specially designed Qpower vouchers sold all over town", said CEO Muhammed Jah

He boasted a record has been broken in the history of our country, particularly in the history of Telecommunication and energy sectors in The Gambia.

The QCell CEO gave assurance that the break-through event that they were launching will transform the lives of all NAWEC customers.

CEO Muhammed Jah recalls their Partnership with NAWEC dating back 18 years ago in which they have been offering NAWEC several services like: IT support, Software development and training.

He said the result of their collaboration with NAWEC means that for the first time in the Gambia, "no more should anyone have to endure the inconvenience of long queues at electricity purchasing points; no more should anyone have to travel distances to get to the purchasing points;"

In simple easy steps, you can register your cash power meters in barely 2 minutes and the system will be ready to go, Mr Jah said.

He said when you buy Qpower, not only will you have cash power, but also Qcell airtime bonus.

Mr. Abdoulie Jobe, the Public Utilities Regulatory Agency's director said they are here to work with both the operators and consumers to balance every body's interest. He said his office is here to facilitate the development of telecommunication/ICT sector in the Gambia. "The government provides the policy and created the enabling environment."

He added they are a supportive regulator to make and ensure that the products that are issued to licensed operators make a difference in the lives of the Gambian population.

The Managing Director of NAWEC Mr. Ebrima Sanyang said the occasion marked another significant development in their drive to improve access for their customers, many of whom have to trek for considerable distances to purchase cash power. He said the launching of "QPOWER culminated from yearlong collaboration with QCELL and the providers of our Cash power Software Vending system (Landis) from South Africa." Mr. Sanyang noted thatQPOWER will enable their customers to purchase cash power for their meters anywhere, anytime at their convenience. "It will help eliminate queues at our branches and eventually minimize the need to open up new branches in areas not yet covered. The system is user friendly and all that is required for you to be a registered QCELL customer", he asserted. He however added that NAWEC's doors are open to partner with other interested parties if technically feasible.

"NAWEC over the years has been approached by several organizations to act as third party agents but so far, QCELL is the only one that has taken the Initiative to invest single handedly to procure the necess1ry infrastructure at no cost to NAWEC", he stated.

The deputy permanent secretary, Mr. Lamin Camara at the ministry of information, communication and infrastructure said this service launched by QCell and NAWEC will ease burden on the general public in terms of buying cash power.

The opening prayer was led by Dr. Ousman Jah of the University of the Gambia.The event was chaired by Mr. Tunkara of QCell he said this is a life changing service in the Gambia. He said around the world mobile phones are not just for calling but for other innovative services.

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