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West Africa Telecom Signs Capacity Deal with O3b Networks

10 March, 2013
ICT Africa Writer
March 10, 2013

As the anticipated launch of O3b, the other three billion, satellite communication system is nearing its expected launch, more and more service providers are signing on the network. The latest signatory to O3b is Liberia’s Internet service provider, West Africa Telecommunication.

Securing access on the O3b network is especially important for service providers wishing to offer services to underserved areas where connection to emerging fibre optic networks will take too long. West Africa Telecommunication expects to benefit from significantly higher transmission speed than conventional satellite systems. West Africa Telecommunication also expects to benefit from lower latency of O3b which is significantly lower than that of Geo-Synchronous telecommunication satellite systems.

“O3b’s next generation fleet of Medium Earth Orbit spacecraft together with its forward-thinking team is exactly what we need to better serve and grow our customer base across Liberia,” said Archimede Palazzo, CEO of West Africa Telecom. “O3b has the long-awaited satellite solution capable of helping us realize our dreams and meet the demands of our customers with the high quality, reliability and flexibility we must have in the region.”

While medium satellite systems suffer the same short comings experienced by other satellites – poor performance in bad weather conditions, easy of unlawful interception by malicious hackers, significantly lower capacity than optical fibre, shorter satellite life time – O3b could offer significant advantages over Geo Synchronous satellites. However, O3b technology is new and requires tracking antennas to keep up with non-stationary satellites. We will have to wait and see how well this technology works.


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