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Nigeria: NCC to Issue New Regulations On SIM Replacement

08 March, 2013
Nahimah Ajikanle Nurudeen, Daily Trust
March 8, 2013

Lagos — The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is currently considering a new set of guidelines to checkmate cases of fraudulent replacement of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) by telecoms networks.

Information on the NCC's website revealed that the guideline is at a draft level with the aim of empowering subscribers to pursue legal action or other remedies against a network operator for any SIM replacement done fraudulently by its agent or dealer.

A draft copy of the regulation titled 'Guideline of SIM Replacement in Nigeria' said any SIM replacement done in violation of the guidelines shall be sanctioned in accordance with the Enforcement Regulations.

It said a network shall be held liable for any SIM replacement carried out in violation of the regulations or done fraudulently by its agents or dealer.

The key objectives of the draft document, according to the Commission, are first; to prescribe a regulatory framework and provide a procedure for network providers to effect a SIM replacement for subscribers; and to stipulate the minimum standard of care which operators shall exercise in order to prevent fraudulent replacements of SIMs.

Under the circumstances when a subscriber SIM can be replaced 'A SIM can be replaced if the original SIM is faulty, demanded, stolen, lost, obsolete (but eligible for replacement or an upgrade, and any other reasonable legitimate reasons or conditions necessitating a SIM replacement.'

It stated that all SIM replacements shall be undertaken by network operators or their licensed agents/dealers while under the requirement for SIM replacement, the NCC Guidelines say the SIM must be registered in accordance with the Registration of Telephone Subscriber Regulations 2011.

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