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The Oscar Pistorius shooting effect

06 March, 2013
Staff Writer, MyBroadband
March 6, 2013

Effective Measure released its February 2013 website traffic statistics recently, revealing that News24 had a record month. News24′s traffic had a massive boost from its superior coverage of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial and events surrounding the athlete’s killing of his girlfriend.

Pistorius has been charged with murder after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was shot in his home on February 14. This event dominated the world’s media last month, and News24′s coverage was arguably among the best in the world.

News24′s website statistics showed that South African Internet users flocked to the website to stay up to date with the latest Pistorius news.

According to the February 2013 Effective Measure statistics, News24 attracted 4.5 million unique visitors in February, up from 3.1 million visitors in January 2013.

When looking at only South African traffic, News24 also had a record month with 3.2 million unique visitors – up 44% from January.

This strong performance is particularly impressive when considering that February only has 28 days, compared with January which has 31 days (more days means more time to accumulate traffic).

Other news websites, including Howzit.MSN, IOL and Beeld, also had strong performances in February.

The following table provides an overview of the top South African websites in February 2013.
Website Unique Visitors Page Views Website Unique SA visitors Pageviews from SA visitors
news24.com 4,518,937 76,133,774 news24.com 3,177,403 64,948,536
howzit.msn.com 3,210,454 39,533,497 Vodafone live portal 1,802,968 24,371,625
iol.co.za 2,431,633 22,177,056 howzit.msn.com 1,696,297 27,208,772
Vodafone live portal 1,802,973 24,371,640 iol.co.za 1,379,800 17,154,511
supersport.com 1,609,835 19,326,023 za.yahoo.com 1,343,397 15,290,409
reuters.com 1,567,995 9,830,989 sport24.co.za 1,054,128 9,149,472
sport24.co.za 1,438,999 11,252,960 pnet.co.za 860,784 26,376,454
za.yahoo.com 1,438,603 15,903,168 junkmail.co.za 757,558 17,073,004
mybroadband.co.za 1,215,431 6,577,678 supersport.com 719,855 12,121,514
timeslive.co.za 1,156,000 6,920,982 mybroadband.co.za 690,414 5,471,000

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