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Algerie Government Investing in Fibre Optic Links to Industrial Areas and Technology Parks

14 February, 2013
ICT Africa Writer
February 19, 2013

When I visited Algeria during the turmoil in Tunisia, an Algerian acquaintance and I drove past a heavily guarded presidential palace. I assumed that the heavy presence of soldiers at the palace and elsewhere in Algiers was a sure sign that trouble was brewing in Algeria and that a revolution was almost inevitable. But my acquaintance confidently assured me that the Arab Spring would never happen in Algeria.

He explained that the majority of Algerians were content with the government programs for poverty alleviation and social promotion. Since independence in 1962, Algeria has been trying to guarantee the living standards of its population through employment generation in the public and private sectors. Some of the recent efforts include investment in several industries, including ICT, to get the youth employed and to keep the general population happy.

The ICT investment by Algeria through the government owned incumbent wire-line network provider, Algerie Telecom, is the connection of all industrial areas and business parks with optical fibre cable. The announcement by the minister of Posts and ICT, Moussa Benhamadi, came during the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Ministry of Industry, small and medium sized enterprises and the ministry of Investment Promotion meant to encourage the use of ICT in industrial enterprises. Under the plan, a fibre optic network will connect all industrial areas, business parks and all towns with less than 1,000 inhabitants. This will enable better provisioning of ICT services, including internet and telephony.


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