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Liberia: Cellcom First to Deploy Fiber Optic Network in Country

09 January, 2013
Cellcom\'s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Avishia Marziano, made this historic announcement over the weekend at the company\'s national headquarters on Capital Bypass. Cellcom GSM, which is credited for being the first company to deploy high speed 4G network in Liberia, is now set to become the first company in Liberia to deploy the new ultrafast fiber optic network.

\"We are delighted with this feat achieved by our organization especially at this time. Cellcom continues to prove itself as an innovative and technology market leader as we have again demonstrated this latest position as we go live with the ACE fiber optic cable.\"

Mr. Marziano added: Earlier this year, Cellcom launched the 4G network which the company announced was the \"last mile\" towards the high-speed fiber optic network. Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks said at the launch in 2012 \"Cellcom has invested over 2.5 million US dollars into the ACE fiber optic cable, with the launch of 4G technology we have created the road to the super highway so that our customers will be able to access and enjoy the benefits of the fiber.\" The investment Cellcom made in its new 4G technology pushed the company to the top in terms of being ready to activate and use the fiber optic cable.

Mr. Marziano elaborated that the marriage of Cellcom\'s 4G network to the fiber optic cable meant that customers could now enjoy low latency connectivity and he also expected a drop in the pricing of internet packages. \"Our 4G network is the only super-fast network in Liberia, now that we have connected it to the fiber optic cable, it will now be 100 times faster comparing to any other network in Liberia. \"It took a lot of investment and commitment on our part to do this, but because we believe in the Liberian people and we believe that this will have a dynamic socio-economic impact on the development of Liberia - so we were willing to take the risk,\" he said.

He also announced that for one day on 01/01/2013, the company would launch its fiber network and provide free unlimited and unrestricted access to all of its 4G customers. \"We want people to enjoy the fiber optic connectivity without any restrictions so they can understand how this technology combined with the 4G network can transform the country.\"

Chief Corporate Communications Strategist, Dr. Kimmie Weeks, said he was excited that the fiber was now linked to Cellcom\'s network. He emphasized: \"It is important for the public to understand that our 4G network and the fiber are not two different things. Right now, our 4G network is connected via very powerful satellites, now that we have the fiber, we will terminate use of these satellites and depend on the fiber cables to provide the speed and reliability we need to continue to be the first and fastest.\"

Cellcom 4G users will be the first to experience unparalleled high speed internet after the connection of the 4G network to the fiber optic cable.


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