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APP Shows Whether Your Guard Stays Alert All Night

08 August, 2014

Source: The Star

"The 'Guard On' Android app has been built for homeowners and small businesses to help them manage their security. Many homes and businesses employ night guards to protect their properties. A typical shift is 6pm to 6am. It is very common for the guards to arrive late and and leave early. It is difficult to confirm and enforce whether the guard arrives and leaves on time, or even stays alert and awake all night.

Guard On is to be installed on a cheap android phone. This is owned by the householder or business. The phone remains on the premises. The guard collects the phone from its external recharging point at the beginning of each shift and leaves it there at the end of each shift.

The owner sets up Guard On to begin operating at the shift start time and stop operating at the shift end time. The interval time is also set. In the Profile settings the owner can add their mobile number to be sent an sms.

At the set time the phone will produce an alarm that the guard must stop. This occurs throughout the shift at the intervals set. After the last alarm the guard simply leaves the phone at the recharge point. If the guard fails to respond to the alarm an sms is sent to the owner.

If the owner chooses not to have the sms sent a log is kept by Guard On on the phone anyway that the owner can check in the morning. The owner prevents any changes to the system by way of the admin password.

The owner should set the screenlock to a password or PIN protected unlock to prevent any tampering with the phone. Having a phone under your own management also provides reliable communications with your guard irrespective of how many times they are replaced.

It also provides a reliable contact for the security company.

The app was created by Stonehouse Ltd, http://www.stonehouse.co.ke.

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