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X200CA Notebook Is the Best From Asus

08 August, 2014

Source: The Star

By Richard Mungai:

THE X200CA notebook is an impressive computer. Asus engineers deserve commendation for cleverly making the notebook considerably lightweight without compromising either interface or performance.

Weighing only 1.2 kilograms, the X200CA boasts a 1,333 mega hertz memory speed, three universal serial buses, a memory card slot, an ethernet jack, a high definition multimedia interface and a standard audio jack.

The notebook has a well positioned keyboard and a touchpad which makes it an asset in handling office work. It runs on windows 8 operating system which is highly enhanced by the Intel core i3 processor and a two gigabyte on board memory.

Since I started reviewing Asus products, I can confidently say the X200CA is simply the best. The notebook comes in four colour versions which seamlessly draws attention from the outset. They are pure white, blue, red and black.

The notebook is likely to have played a participatory role in the increasing market share for Asus. Gartner, a global research firm, announced earlier in the week that the Taiwan based gadget maker had increased market share by 1.6 per cent to hit 10 per cent during the second quarter of 2014.

With the X200CA, movie fanatics have the best bargain. This is due to a high definition 11.6 inch screen and an LED back light to support the display. Asus also integrated Intel HD graphics to boost clarity on the display.

The storage starts at 350GB to an upward of 1 terabyte on a Serial ATA (Sata) hard drive disk. The disk runs at 5,400 revolutions per minute which makes copying and deleting large files very fast.

The notebook also has a microphone, webcam and built in speakers for video conferencing and an integrated WiFi radio and bluetooth for networking.

One thing I liked most about the notebook was efficiency in power usage regardless of the task. It has a three cells battery but it clocks more than nine hours under standard usage. Asus also promises the buyer one year warranty for battery pack and two years for hardware. The notebook costs Sh35,000.

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