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Nigerian Cell Phone Users Short-Changed By Manufacturers - Markete

Lagos - A major mobile phone marketer, Mr Emeka Oguchi, said on Tuesday in Lagos that Nigerian cell phone users were being short-changed by manufacturers.

Oguchi, who is the Managing Director of Pointek Nigerian Limited, said that the manufacturers usually supplied low quality products to the Nigerian market.

He said that the Nigerian cell phone users deserved to be served the same way their counterparts in developed countries were served.

"The after-sales service is not there and it feels so bad. The Nigerian consumers work so hard. Most times they pay cash for their devices but at the end of the day what happens?

"They are not given that kind of service that you get abroad. Let's take countries like England and some other advanced countries; they don't pay cash for these devices; you get them and pay by installment over time.

"And the kind of service they get is different from what we get here. When you have a complaint, over let's say 14 days you bought a device and it's bad and you take it back to where you bought it, they give you a new one.

"But here they don't do it. They take it to Service Centre, a brand new phone, a brand new device. They don't swap it for you, you don't get a new one and sometimes they even tell you that the spare part is not available.

Take Nokia for instance. It is a global brand. You can't have one policy in England and have a different one in Nigeria. No, it has to be the same."

Oguchi said that his company had been in the Global System of Mobile communications business for 10 years and was working together with other stakeholders to protect Nigerian cell phone users.

He said the firm had launched various products, including product financing, to aid the Nigerian cell phone users to enjoy their products just like everywhere else in the world.

NAN reports that Pointek recently opened an ultra-modern outlet in Ikeja Lagos.

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