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Economy to Get a Boost With Internet Connection to West-Coast Sub-Marine Cables

02 July, 2014

Source: Malawi News Agency

Lilongwe — The Malawi Internet Governance Forum (IGF) participatory workshop underway at Sunbird Lilongwe Hotel has revealed that Malawi's economy would boom faster in a few years when connected to the west-coast sub-marines cables.

New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), Head of e-Africa Programme Dr. Edmund Katiti reiterated that internet connectivity contributes a lot to the economic development of a country.

'Stakeholders will understand that internet affects what we do every day," Dr. Katiti said. He further said as many people are using and relying on internet today as a tool to development; internet brings new ways of handling or monitor people or things than they were handled before.

'Things are changing and internet helps people to manage, implement policies and do certain things differently than they were done before," he said.

And in the course of making a presentation at the meeting, Katiti said Malawi needs to get connected to a diverse of sub-marine cables which brings internet a development that will enhance and boost the country's economy.

"Malawi is already connected to two Sub-marine cables, through neighbouring Mocambique and Tanzania. This helps the country to always stay connected if one side switches off," Katiti explained.

He added that chances of getting effective internet connectivity and response will be high if when Malawi connects to the west-coast Sub-marine cables.

He explained that when Malawi gets connected to both east-coast and west coast Sub-marine cables; chances of having fast and effective internet connectivity will be high because there will be increased competition amongst internet service suppliers.

"When Malawi gets connected to the west-coast Sub-marine cables, it will boost the internet connectivity with more band-width and because the country will be using diversified internet connectivity from different suppliers," he said.

He also explained that the development is going to increase the competition between the service providers hence; prices will go down. The country will save more money to pay the western countries as it is a case right now" said Katiti.

Secretary for E-Government, Olive Chikankheni, said that the IGF is going to enable the country's economy grow in a way that it creates a platform for everyone to debate, manage and implement policies of good governance.

"Internet brings confidence in the user hence it has increased and eased work and improved telecommunication. Internet affects our daily operations which has also improved the status of the country," she said.

Programme Manager for e-Africa Programme, Dr. Towela Nyirenda Jere, has recommended the participants to implement what has been discussed and included in the Internet Governance Malawi Charpter; in order to make progress.

"Let's take internet as it is today, the power is in our hands and we can direct this power and achieve what we want," she said.

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