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Adobe Joins Smartphone APP Market

11 July, 2014

Source: The Star

Any phone worth its salt in the Kenyan market will boast of a great camera given an increasing consumer tendency to shop for mobile devices around their primary functionality.

With the selfie being declared the word of 2013 globally, it goes to show that Kenya being part of the global village will obviously want to leave their visual mark. And with the emergence of the groundie, climbie, and all manner of photos with the 'ie' suffix (pun intended) all the more reason any phone being sold ought to be able to sate a user's self portrait craze.

More than a good camera, however, is a great set of photo editing applications, which are not in short supply. Most of these apps however are deficient insofar as having a wide variety of effects goes. And some effects are just downright pointless when it comes to aesthetics without compromising the story behind every shot.

Instagram has so far held its own as the near perfect photography app. It offers a reasonable variety of presets that give photos a certain flair about them. A combination of light settings, and effects such as the blur and vignette have kept the app ahead of the pack. Even so, a few users will attest to having done additional edits using apps such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom just for the extra effect that Instagram doesn't seem to have.

Adobe is now the latest entrant into the smart phone app market in partnership with Windows. Users of smartphones running the Windows Phone operating system now have a photo editing app like no other in Adobe Express which is already available in the windows store.

The app, with a total download size of 36MB, offers both amateur and professional photographers who wish to further their photography using smartphones an opportunity to enjoy both preset effects and manually edited effects.

The app is divided into five categories; looks, adjustments, borders, crop, and red eye, all of which reflect the most basic edits for smartphone photography. The looks category is further divided into basic and premium looks -- both are automated presets although with the free version of Adobe Express, the premium looks have to be purchased.

The adjustments category has the manual settings that, depending on a user's desired outcome, have a wide variety of tweaks to achieve many end products. Again, with the free version, however, not all settings are available. The noise reduction setting has to be purchased from the store.

The remaining categories are all to do with the sizing of the a final image which is ready to be shared with the exception of the red eye category which corrects light defects which occur around the eyes when taking photos of people.

The app easily links to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms which enable sharing of amazing photos. The Adobe Express app will certainly offer a more detailed editing option for Windows Phone users who aren't satisfied with existing editing apps on offer.

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