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Online Advertising to Save Kenya Sh3 Billion Annually

09 July, 2014

Source: Capital FM

Nairobi — The government aims to cut down advertising costs from Sh4 billion per year to Sh1 billion following the state directive on online advertising.

ICT Director of Public Communication, Mary Ombara says government advertising has been largely unplanned, unregulated resulting to massive expenditure with weak national messaging and a weak audience impact.

"Online advertising is not intended to disadvantage mainstream media. Our strategy is to reach a wider audience through the Global Digital Platform and reduce cost. The government has supported the private sector online advertising since 2009 to create a vibrant industry," she said.

Ombara says with local internet reach standing at 23 million Kenyans as well as wide smart phone access online advertising will have more impact.

In March the government came up with amendments requiring state organisations to advertise on online platforms as opposed to newspapers.

"Our main objective is to streamline the sector through a Government Advertising Plan. Advertising is a shared responsibility that requires the input of all stakeholders. The Government will also engage with key players to help drive its agenda in domestic and global advertising," she said.

The Government expenditure on advertising is currently at Sh4 billion; Sh2.8 on print, Sh750 million on electronic media and about Sh50 million foreign advertising and public relations services take another Sh1 billion.

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