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Econet Wireless Targets 5G Technology

25 June, 2014

Source: NewZimbabwe.com

ZIMBABWE'S largest mobile telephony company Econet Wireless said Tuesday it had embarked on a project that would result in the expansion of its Fourth Generation technology (4G) countrywide.

Econet chief executive officer, Douglas Mboweni, said the project would result in faster data transmission speeds and call connectivity in the country.

"We launched 4G around the time of UNWTO conference held in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. Right now the issue we are looking at is expanding it to other areas," he said.

He was speaking in Harare at the launch of the company's Platinum Suite which is meant to recognize a certain specific category of customers who value time and ordinarily would not walk in a shop and stand in queue.

"With the platinum card you will get priority service in selected Econet shops and other companies who had partnered Econet on this service," he said.

Customers would enjoy benefits from partners such as Edgars, Steward Bank, African Sun, Avis and others who are expected to come on board soon.

"Even though there was still a lot of work to be done on 3G, the company will forge ahead exploring new technologies such as 5G to ensure customers continue to enjoy high speed," said Mboweni.

5G is the next major phase of mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards and is also referred to as beyond 2020 mobile communications technologies.

Some analysts suggest that a new generation of 5G standards may be introduced in the early 2020s.

However, no international 5G development projects have officially been launched.

"The reason I mentioned 5G is that some other countries such as South Korea are already experimenting with this and, as Africa, we don't have to re-invent the wheel but we learn what is being applied elsewhere," he said.

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