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ICT Africa Collaborates With The Fibre Lab to Host Fiber Optic Training in Africa: First series of training sessions are scheduled for South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

13 June, 2014

Source: ICT Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa July 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- ICT Africa announced that they are collaborating with The Fibre Lab to host fiber optic training workshops in the African continent.

In this agreement, The Fibre Lab is responsible for the promotion of ICT Africa workshops, registrations and other administrative support. Attendees planning to participate in workshops bound by this agreement use The Fibre Lab registration portal to register for their attendance.

Initial two two-day, BICSI accredited, training workshops on fiber optic communications have been scheduled for South Africa and Zambia under this agreement and it is expected that more fiber optic training events will be organized throughout Africa. The South Africa fiber optic workshop is scheduled for July 2-3, 2014 at the Gallagher Convention Center in Midrand and the Zambia fiber optic workshop is scheduled for July 9-10 2014 at the Protea Hotel in Lusaka.

“By collaborating with The Fibre Lab, we can focus on providing the best training content to African operators and service providers while The Fibre Lab handles the administrative aspects of the events”, commented Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo, founder at ICT Africa. “Our fiber optic communications course is critical for engineers and managers responsible for optical transmission and network planning, especially for long haul, metropolitan and access networks. With the support of The Fibre Lab, our workshops will have a profound impact on the quality and cost efficiency of fiber telecommunication infrastructure in Africa”, said Jabulani.

About ICT Africa
ICT Africa is a consulting, training and media organization created to support the ICT revolution in Africa, and the effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) as a vehicle to sustained economic development. The ICT Africa website is a one stop shop for all ICT news and information in Africa including fiber optic infrastructure development, mobile networks, satellite systems, the Internet and broadband networks and applications.

About The Fibre Lab
The Fibre Lab aims to be the primary ICT Training hub in Africa by acting as intermediary between training facilitators, industry organizations and individual role players. The Fibre Lab believes skills development is an essential component to the increase in rapid deployment of ICT technologies across Africa and ongoing economic growth and sustainability for the continent.


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