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Asus Transformer T100, the Real Mobile Laptop

13 June, 2014

Source: The Star

IT'S difficult to classify the Asus Transformer T100 but its maker, the Taiwan based Asus, classifies it as a mobile laptop. I got the chance to use the device and I initially thought the device was a mini-laptop due to its minimal size. Even so, the Windows 8 run tablet, if we can call it, is much more.

Perhaps Asus settled on 'mobile laptop' due to the peripherals that are common in both a smartphone and a laptop. They include a standard audio jack; a standard USB (universal serial bus) hub for charging; and a mini card reader slot. In fact, the Transformer T100 can be charged with a standard smartphone charger.

The device comes with a keyboard that has integrated the common features you find in a conventional laptop which include a touchpad and a USB port. There is an addition in form of a button which is placed above the F8 key. The button, which Asus calls the dock, is used to detach the mobile laptop from the keyboard thereby transforming it into a tablet. I rate the dock five stars for enhancing machine portability.

During the review time, the Transformer T100 proved impressive by giving outright competition to the workstation. The workstation could not match T100's quick responsiveness to tasks. However, Asus has not quite impressed in trying to beat the conventional laptop. This is because the tiny features making the T100 such as the small sized keyboard make working an uphill task.

Nonetheless, the T100 is the best for movie, gamers and music fanatics due to the high definition display which give crystal clear visual, multi-touch screen functionality, and quality playback from built in speakers. It also has the Windows Store and XBox Live for added gaming and music experience. Moreover, the T100 has soft rubber on the underside which increases grip on the lap.

I went for a quick snoop in the web to see what Asus says about the Transformer T100 specifications and I was not disappointed. According to Asus, the device is powered by an Intel Atom quad Core processor which is responsible for the astounding 11 hours of battery life. It has a two gigabyte main memory and 32GB of storage. The display has a length of 10.1 inch and it's powered by Intel high definition graphics. It has a 1.2 mega pixel camera and comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office and Student 2013.

The device retails at Sh49,000.

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