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Data Centre, Live Wire of 21st Century Companies

11 June, 2014

Source: Vanguard

Global infoswift and its partners, TechXact last week described the data centre industry as one of the biggest industries in the world generating multi trillion dollars in revenue.

The companies which teamed up to bring data centre training/seminar to Nigeria, noted that if the country desires to move up its level of ICT adoption, there is need to pay a lot of attention to data centre because everything ICT today, is dependent on it.

However, President, DCA, TechXact, Mr Mehdi Paryavi observed that a lot of businesses make mistakes in choosing data centre applications or infrastructure, leading to data failure in most instances.

He advised MDs of companies to ensure they get proper education before going for data centre because operating a data centre must follow set standards and comply with current trends to get adequate benefits.

According to him, "today, cost of downtime is far more than the cost of hospitals. To reduce the costs, data centres must be built. However, when doing this, businesses must get expert advice.

"The growth of data centre is guided by the infinity paradigm, where everything is supported by IT infrastructure for the ecosystem.But the main challenge in data centres today is that issues are handled by vendors who obviously are not the right people to handle the issues. Vendors design according to their targets. And when people buy boxes from them, you struggle to fit your business into their solutions."

He said that what his organization does is study an organization, know its business, develop a strategy and allow it to go to the vendors based on that business strategy and not based on solutions already created without the business in mind. "So much education needs to get into data centre before buying the equipment.

He advised companies to go for new generation data centres which he described as open source and not one brand specific, industry specific, cloud based and not physically specific.

He noted that new generation data centres are not just about cooling and storage but infrastructure and solution based, carrying all of these in the package. It must reduce hazards and life threatening processes which are seen in today's data centres.

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