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Google Overtakes Apple As the World's Most Valuable Brand

10 June, 2014

Source: CIO East Africa

Apple is no longer the most valuable brand in the world, having just lost the top spot to Google according to Millward Brown's latest data. Apple has lost the spot which it has held onto for the last 3 consecutive years.

In an article titled "Comparison of the Most Valuable Brands of 2014: How Google Overtook Apple at the No. 1 Spot" which was published in FinancesOnline, David Adelman argues that Apple's "tendency to ruthlessly refine its products might actually work against the company."

"Industry observers believe Apple's calculated process to churn out a perfect product slows down its progress. If they are to be believed, the race is to the swift and Google has been launching new and more innovative projects faster: Google Glass, Internet of Things, Google Maps and Google Music All Access are some of the exciting goings-on announced at the last I/O conference. Sure, Apple had its own releases last year, iPhone 5S and 5c, but the smartphone arena is getting a little boring. Apple needs some oranges," writes Adelman.

But he has no many compliments for Google either.

"Not that Google engineers work faster or are more innovative. The search giant has the habit of releasing beta versions and admitting to the public that, yes, they should expect glitches and imperfections; Google needs your feedback to perfect the product (they found the best excuse: crowdsourcing!)," states Adelman, adding that "while Apple engineers slave away for months in their lab caves looking for the Holy Grail, Google engineers are already half drunk in cocktail events announcing their latest projects."

Adelman continues: "Bagging the top brand, after all, is perception mixed with actual value, much like how stocks rise and fall, and Google knows how to play this game. It can even spice up the tiniest change. Recently, Google tweaked its logo. The change is almost indiscernible involving kernings, a typeface jargon about character spacing; in Google's case the l was aligned with the bottom of e by one pixel... Admittedly, I did google "kernings."

Millward Brown has developed an infographic presenting top 10 most valuable brands of 2014 that also tries to explain the reasons behind Google's sudden rise to power.

Overall, the top 4 most valuable brands are from the Millward Brown data are all IT companies - Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft - while the company which late Steve Job's founded has experienced the biggest drop in value (by 40%) among the top 10 brands on the list

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