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Cellcom Launches 'Mobile Reading Revolution'

09 June, 2014

Source: The Inquirer

In its ongoing bid to empower thousands of Liberians by using technology to advance education and reduce illiteracy, Cellcom over the course of the weekend introduced a new mobile application to Liberia, which is expected to transform the Liberian education landscape. The new application called the Mobile Reader puts thousands of books in the hands of users for free.

The application was launched in Monrovia at a major program held at the Royal Grand Hotel on Friday, June 6. Cellcom's Corporate Communications Strategist Dr. Kimmie Weeks outlined that as part of its tenth year anniversary, Cellcom was strengthening its commitment to advance development in Liberia with a particular focus on education. "Study after study has shown that the higher the education level of a population, the faster a nation develops," kimmie Weeks said.

He outlined that the launch of the new application in Liberia was a major breakthrough, which he was extremely proud of. Weeks recalled: "I know from personal experience that the basis of much of my success today is because I had the opportunity to read a lot as a child. I also know that many of the most successful young people in Liberia right now have one thing in common, they enjoyed reading and invest a lot of time in it."

He went on to highlight that shortages of libraries made it difficult for most Liberians to gain access to books. "It is time we change this and give the gift of reading to every Liberian," said Kimmie Weeks.

Dr. Weeks explained that Cellcom's new tablet PCs, which go on sale today for $129, have all been preloaded with the World Reader application. "Anybody who purchases one of these tablets will now have a virtual library of thousands of books ranging from textbooks, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction all accessed instantly and for free. A global library can now be placed in the hands of all!"

Cellcom Chief Executive Officer Mr. John Vasikaran called the new application a major breakthrough for Liberia. In his remarks, Mr. Vasikaran observed: "The launch of the world reader app for tablets is a breakthrough we are excited about and strongly believe will truly transform the way people learn in Liberia.

Hundreds of young people across the country will now have access to global library right in their hands and at no cost whatsoever other than what they pay for their internet subscription."

The World Reader application is being hailed around the world as the innovation that is already having a positive impact on Africa and the rest of the world.

A recent study by the United Nations education and science agency UNESCO shows that a mobile applications like the World Reader application is the most efficient and affordable tool to reach out to populations with limited access to school and libraries.

The report states: "There are strong indications that the benefits of mobile reading are long-lasting and far-reaching, with the potential to improve literacy, increase education opportunities and change people's lives for the better. A revolution in reading is upon us... "Mark West, author of the report concludes:"mobile devices can help people develop, sustain and enhance their literacy skills. This is important because literacy opens the door to life-changing opportunities and benefits."

The program was graced by the Minister of Education Hon. Edmonia Tarpeh, The Senator of Montserrado Hon. Geraldine Doe Sherriff, the President of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) Mr. Augustine Tamba, and the President of the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU), Mr. Augustine Tamba all of whom lauded Cellcom's new initiative as truly transformational.

The World Reader application is developed by a not for profit organization, which also carries the same name. Worldreader is on a mission to bring digital books to every child and family, so that they can improve their lives.

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