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Whatsapp Crushes, Flurry of Comments Follow On Social Media

10 June, 2014

Source: CIO East Africa

Over the weekend, the very popular smartphone messenger app, Whatsapp, crushed and could not be used for the best part of Sunday evening, in various countries.

This was met by worldwide reactions on social media; as trend '#Whatsappdown' was soon created and is still among the trending topics on Twitter. The reactions came from users who were unable to use the app, and now decided to channel their frustrations to other social media platforms.

Some of the comments were creative and funny, while some were of people who were really frustrated, as many people have come to rely on Whatsapp for various reasons; some of the comments seen on twitter include:

@HebaAlSamt: Alert: #whatsapp is acting up. Please calm down it's not the end of the world!

‏@DimplesDoll: When whatsapp's down i always check twitter to see if it's a nationwide issue. Yep. It is. Sort it out @WhatsApp !!

‏@C_NyaKundiH "@IanKorir: Someone console me that Iam not the only one with my #whatsappdown.RTs would do. @xtiandela @C_NyaKundiH"

Prior to this, WhatsApp had been absent from the Windows Store for a number of weeks, before it made a comeback to the store after being updated to WhatsAppPlus.

Engadget reported that the upgrade makes WhatsApp easier and more fun to use.

"Whatsapp is now back on the Windows Phone Store after a couple of weeks' absence, and it even comes with new features, including chat backgrounds, better privacy settings and the ability to customize notification tones. Its devs pulled the app from the store after a lot of users reported having serious issues with update 3 for Windows Phone 8 that permanently disabled notifications or caused persistent errors. Just as Microsoft's Windows Phone guy Joe Belfiore promised on Twitter, though, Whatsapp's back and ready for more cross-platform messaging."

The Whatsapp for Windows upgrade follows the upgrade of Whatsapp for Android Markets which introduced several improved features including ability to share music just with one click, ability to add contact profile pictures to user's chats (Facebook Messenger style) as well as ability to hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures. The WhatsApp upgrade also comes with built-in Theme Viewer and Downloader which gives on the option to check WhatsApp+ themes online and apply them to one's profile.

Upgrades on the Whatsapp for windows phone include; being able to set a media auto-downloader, personalizing ones default background with personal photos to make it more fun to use.

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