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Sensitise Rural People On SIM Card Registration in Zambia

23 January, 2014
Times of Zambia

I commend the one month extension for SIM card registration. However, I feel this extension will benefit urban people and not rural or clientele in remote areas.

I say so because just yesterday i had a conversation with someone in one of the remote villages, i asked him if his sim card was registered.

To my surprise, the answer was "registered for what?", meaning there are some people out there who have not yet heard about sim registration.

The challenge now goes to ZICTA and all mobile phone providers to work round the clock to make every one know, understand and appreciate this exercise, especially the old folks in the villages.

You have to send your agents to the countryside to enforce this exercise, with these few days remaining. Disconnecting someone who doesn't know that she/he was supposed to register would definitely be unfair.

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