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Ban on Islamic Radio License in Zambia - Where is The Freedom of Warship?

01 October, 2013
Bupe Sendwe, Times of Zambia
October 1, 2013

THE International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) has commended Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) chairperson Emmanuel Mwamba for suspending issuance of radio licences to entities seeking to start broadcasting Islamic programmes

IFCC president Bishop Simon Chihana said in a statement that there would have been a silent growing tension in the church circles against the Government on why they had granted such licences without consulting the Christian Church in general which commands more than 90 per cent of Zambia's population.

Bishop Chihana however, observed that Zambia was a Christian nation with tolerance of other religions.

He commended Mr Mwamba for halting the licensing exercise until the IBA had completed a comprehensive consultative process with the Church, Government, the Islamic society and other interest groups.

"We highly appreciate and commend the move that Government has taken to recognise the need to have the Church and other bodies participate in the decision making of such a very sensitive issue.

"We must understand that, radios, newspapers and television are very sensitive and strategic mediums of the society that have the ability to make or break a nation, that can either strengthen unity or divide a nation, that can either promote peace or bring about war, that either encourage good morals in our society or be used as a weapon to corrupt morals and of course they have been mediums for marketing," he said.

He paid tribute to the first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda for playing a major role in bringing the Church to the front before anything else.

Mr Mwamba on Sunday announced the suspension of licences for the radio broadcast of Islamic programmes pending wider consultation among stakeholders.


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