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10 August, 2013
ICT Africa
August 10, 2013

As Africa goes through a phenomenal ICT revolution, it is necessary for Africans in the industry to share opinions, insights, analysis knowledge and expertise on ICT development in Africa. ICT Africa is a perfect platform to achieve that goal.

ICT Africa has established itself as a one stop forum for all news, articles, analysis, events and business opportunities throughout the African continent. To support the African ICT industry that ICT Africa was established for, our forum serves as a catalyst for discussion, learning, innovation, and as a vehicle for the dissemination of information about new and practical strategies, techniques, and technologies for advancing information and communication technologies in Africa. Thousands of visitors to our website read our articles and take advantage of different sections of our website every month.

ICT Africa articles address a wide range of ICT topics, including fibre optic infrastructure development, mobile network development, microwave networks, telecommunication satellite networks, mobile handsets, e-services, broadband, Internet access, ICT policy and any other areas related to ICT in Africa. Everyone who writes for ICT Africa is a working professional in the field of ICT, including journalists, engineers, managers and other professionals in ICT related fields. This means that we publish articles by people just like you.

There are a number of reasons why ICT professionals write for ICT Africa:

• To share their knowledge, experience, and expertise
• To receive recognition from other professionals and those with interest in the field
• To establish themselves as ICT experts

The following are the guidelines for submitting articles for consideration to ICT Africa
• Articles should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1500 words
• All articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format
• The authors name and contact details, including email address and phone number should be included
• Articles that have already been published elsewhere under copyright cannot be accepted
• Articles should be informative and not mere promotion of products and services
• Any illustrations should be 700 x 250 pixels

If you are interested in submitting and article to ICT Africa, please contact the editor with the title and description of the article at admin @ jcbroadband.com


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