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ICT Africa explores the impact of ICT on politics in Africa, including the upcoming Zimbabwe elections

29 July, 2013
ICT Africa explores the impact of ICT on politics in Africa in a video. In a no holds barred video interview, Nyaradzo Mafolo, Media Expert for ICT Africa, quizzes Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo on the impact of ICT on African politics. Dr. Dhliwayo is an expert in fibre optics who is actively involved in the development of ICT in Africa and one of the freedom fighters in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) that fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe.

The video interview addresses a number of issues relating to ICT in politics, including the use of ICT by politicians to reach out to the public, the use of ICT for free political expression, electronic voting systems and the upcoming Zimbabwe elections. The interview also addresses the contentious issue of the Zimbabwe Facebook whistle-blower, Baba Jukwa.


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