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ICT Africa News 13 NOVEMBER, 2013 Teraco, a colocation data centre operator and Internet exchange hub, says it has started construction on a third data centre in Cape Town, due to increasing de..
Sabahi 12 November 2013 Liquid Telecommunications has built the first fibre-optic link into Somalia, boosting connectivity across southern and central Somalia, the company announced Tuesday (No..
ICT Africa NOVEMBER 11, 2013 South African telecoms giant Vodacom Group has reported revenues of ZAR36.69 billion (USD3.55 billion) for the six months ended 30 September 2013, up 6.6% from ZAR3..
ICT Africa November 7, 2013 The US and British administrations have insisted that sanctions against Zimbabwe are targeted against President Robert Mugabe and his henchmen. They claim that the s..
ICT Africa November 6, 2013 The establishment of Internet Exchange Points(IXPs) in Africa has for a long time been a subject of intense discussion and a lot of effort has been put into attempti..
Vanguard 25 OCTOBER 2013 New York — More Nigerians have expressed displeasure over the distasteful remarks made against the citizens of the country by a U.S senator, Ted Cruz of Texas. Cru..
ICT Africa October 21, 2013 A lot has been reported about Huawei’s unethical business conduct in Africa, including misinforming their clients about the capability of their equipment as report..
ICT Africa October 9, 2013 There is a lot of anticipation in South Africa about the possibility of consumers finally getting an alternative to the Multichoice satellite TV monopoly after it eme..
ICT Africa October, 213 Whether you are an entrepreneur looking into establishing a new ICT business in Africa or an established operator running a mobile or fixed line network, voice is no lo..
Tichaona Sibanda, SW Radio Africa October 1, 2013 A government spy program will now monitor phone calls, text, email and the details will be kept in a national database for use on demand by the..
Bupe Sendwe, Times of Zambia October 1, 2013 THE International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC) has commended Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) chairperson Emmanuel Mwamba for sus..
ICT Africa Writer Septermber 29, 2013 One of the key topics discussed at the recent NigeriaCom 2013 conference in Victoria Island was Quality of Service. It was obvious from the deliberations t..
By Hilary Heuler for African Enterprise, September 26, 2013 At a July meeting in Nairobi, the 47 countries of sub-Saharan Africa agreed to harmonise their spectrum use ahead of rolling out digit..
Monday, 9 September 2013 - The FTTH Council Africa recently announced that all existing and future member organisations will have to sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct. The FTTH Council Afri..
ICT Africa Writer September 7, 2013 Introduction Triggered by the liberalisation of the telecommunication industry as a result of economic structural adjustment programmes, the Millennium Dev..
ICT Africa is a media partner for the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation (CTO) Forum 2013 to be held from October 7-9 at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, Nigeria. CTO Forum 2013 is being ..
ICT Africa is delighted to be media partner for the FTTH Council Africa 2013 conference to be held at Maropeng, in Gauteng, South Africa. Following the success of their first FTTH conference in Cap..
ICT Africa Writer September 4, 2013 Several articles have been written on ICT Africa addressing cyber-surveillance , including how Deep Packet Inspection technology can be manipulated to mo..
ICT Africa Writer August 30, 2013 Whenever an African leader visits London, Washington or any other Western city and have an opportunity to address Africans in the Diaspora, there always is a c..
Democratic Alliance August 23, 2013 Only 4 195 schools out of 24 453 schools were Information and Communication Technology (ICT) connected in 2012/2013 for teaching and learning purposes, it wa..
Brian Thompson, ICT Africa August 22, 2013 Contrary to many people’s perception of a war ravaged and impoverished Angola, the telecommunication industry in Angola is booming. Through privatis..
Jabulani Dhliwayo August 21, 2013 From time immemorial, Africans have always had the propensity to communicate with each other. Ancient Africans developed several means of communication, some o..
ICT Africa August 10, 2013 As Africa goes through a phenomenal ICT revolution, it is necessary for Africans in the industry to share opinions, insights, analysis knowledge and expertise on ICT ..
Daily Ethiopia - August 6, 2013 Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei may have been all-but-barred from doing business in the U.S. over allegations that it's basically an intelligence agency m..
Dr. Jabulani Dhliwayo August 5, 2013 Zimbabwean elections have come and gone but the electoral process that retained the incumbent, President Robert Mugabe, was more controversial than ever bef..