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In his latest state of the Nation address, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma indicated that 37 000km of fiber have been laid in South Africa in the past five years. While president Zuma indica..
The Government of the Republic of Chad has formally announced its intention to partially privatize its incumbent telecommunication operator, Societe des Telecommunications du Tchad ("Groupe SOTEL ..
ICT News It is now becoming common knowledge that cloud computing will fuel the ICT development of many African countries. The discussion of cloud computing comes with many new concepts, such as..
ICT News The Internet Society has been selected by the African Union Commission (AUC) to conduct workshops for the African Internet Exchange System (Axis) project, which aims keep as much as pos..
Kihara Kimachia, ICT News Would you enter into a serious business deal with someone who had no identification documents? When I state 'serious', I'm referring to considerable financial outlay su..
ICT News: Kihara Kimachia One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is the US-based foundation forging new partnerships in Africa. The OLPC was launched in 2005 with the stated aim of overseeing the developme..
ICT News Following the rapid expansion of Internet connectivity in Africa, a lot has been said about the need for Africans to take advantage of growing Internet connectivity and build wealth. Af..
Kihara Kimachia If Facebook and Twitter were countries, they would be among the most populous nations. With a combined user base of close to 2 billion, it wasn't going to be long before politici..
Kihara Kimachia The African Development Bank estimates that African consumers will spend $2.2 trillion by 2030. Despite the global slowdown over the last few years, African countries have regist..
CIO East Africa A total of 87 percent of CEOs in Africa expect to increase their technology investment this year and list technology as a top three item on their boardroom agenda according to a ..
As Libya tries to get itself out of the quagmire that resulted from an ugly civil war and the gruesome bludgeoning to death of its leader, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi, ICT is one of the areas of foc..
ICT Africa will host a series of workshops on optical communications in selected African cities. The first event is being planned for Harare, Zimbabwe, and subsequent event details will be posted o..
With over 12 submarine fibre optic cables and more than 30Tbps of network design capacity at the submarine landing points in sub-Saharan Africa by 2013, a debate is raging on whether satellite syst..
As 2013 comes to an end, it is important that we revisit the roll of African continental organisations, such as the African Union, African telecommunication Union and affiliated programs such as NE..
ICT Africa News 15 December 2013 We have focused way too much on the loss of ICT talent in Africa due to brain drain from Africa to North America and Europe. What most people have not paid atte..
ICT Africa News 13 December, 2013 As the anticipated launch of O3b , the other three billion, satellite communication network is nearing its expected launch, most of us are upbeat about the pot..
ICT Africa News 8 December 2013 Africans, whether living in Africa or in the Diaspora, have explored many Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to beat the high cost of communicating wi..
IT Web 6 December 2013 The ICT industry has expressed its condolences on the death of former president Nelson Mandela, as South Africans – and the world at large – mourn the loss of an icon..
ICT Africa News 3 December 2013 Information Economy Report 2013 finds that infrastructure investment and law reforms are needed to harvest cloud’s data efficiency, flexibility Geneva, 3 De..
The South African Civil Society Information Service By Glenn Ashton, 3 December 2013 Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, Baba Jukwa (Zimbabwe) and Julian Assange have all attained legen..
ICT Africa News 3 December 2013 The Minister of Information and Civic Education, Brown Mpinganjira has called on information and communications technology (ICT) players in the country to join h..
CIO East Africa 20 November 2013 Andile Ngcaba, founder of Convergence Partners, and Executive Chairman of Dimension Data Middle East and Africa, has been named to an international panel on the..
Google 21 November 2013 Johannesburg — Google today announced Project Link, an initiative to connect more people in Kampala, Uganda to the Web through a super-fast, high-capacity fiber networ..
ICT Africa News By Stuart Little – Aviat Networks – 18 NOVEMBER, 2013 There are many reasons why mobile phone network operators might move from owning their own cell towers to leasing t..
ICT Africa News 17 NOVEMBER, 2013 According to recent research on the Mozambique mobile communications market, the market research company, Frost & Sullivan has presented mobile operator, Movit..