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Most people are familiar with drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are used by the Obama administration to track and kill terrorist leaders in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Somalia and other ..
Anybody who has been following political events in Zimbabwe is aware of the vicious infighting within the ruling ZANU(PF) party. Two rival factions have been positioning their leaders to eventually..
Kihara Kimachia: A nation's economic strength is directly proportional to the knowledge of its human capital. Knowledge, capital and labor, in that order, are responsible for the wealth differen..
A number of articles have been written on ICT Africa about counterfeit products dumped into the African market by Chinese suppliers. Unsuspecting African consumers, lured by the cheap prices of cou..
Internet uptake in Africa in increasing exponentially. This has been fueled by huge investments in marine and terrestrial fiber networks, growth in mobile computing and initiatives by private compa..
Kihara Kimachia: Ebola has got the entire world almost giving in to hysteria and fear; and for a good reason. As at the time of publishing this article, the Ebola death toll was just under 5000 ..
Kihara Kimachia: Social Media is a powerful recruitment tool for jihadists and other terrorists. The best example of this is ISIS which has deployed a high-tech online propaganda machine that in..
Kihara Kimachia: Kenya's mobile network operator, Safaricom, has a monopoly over voice and mobile money services. They also have a significant share of the data market. In early 2014, Kenya's la..
Kihara Kimachia: For many years, one of East Africa's most recognizable brands was EverReady Batteries which specialized in the manufacture of dry cell batteries. The publicly quoted company was..
Kihara Kimachia: The Insurance industry in Africa has grown at a stubbornly slow pace over decades. This can be blamed on poverty, ignorance and a failure to appreciate the need for insurance; f..
Kihara Kimachia: It is quickly becoming a cliché to state that there is a mobile revolution in Africa. This topic has been written about extensively and exhaustively by journalists and bloggers..
Kihara Kimachia: The term DDOS has popped up anytime there is a wave of cyber-activism. Fresh on our minds is the Wikileaks and Julian Assange saga. Those of us who observe events in the industr..
Betty Vulule: For a continent that has long grappled with basic issues such as food security, water availability, sanitation, formal education, civil wars, employment and rural development, it s..
By Sam Agona: In February 2013, the Independent reported that Quality of Service (QoS) of Ugandan telecoms companies is sub-standard. Based on user experience, among the major telecoms companies..
Steven Nyanjong: Introduction Data usage has been growing exponentially in Africa. This has sparked technology advancements that have revolutionized the ICT industry. 4 G LTE is advancement fro..
By Gamuchirai Perekwa 1. Background “In some developing countries, more people have access to a mobile phone than to a bank account, electricity, or even clean water” (Kelly & Minges, 2012..
Norman Mukwakwami: Two months ago I sat in a class on Developing Countries and Broadband at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. As part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, the cla..
Joseph Irungu: Generally the ICT industry itself is big putting into consideration all the different kinds of infrastructures, technologies and the methodologies used to merge all these for the ..
Kihara Kimachia: In the past, one of the main complaints by foreigners and potential investors doing business in Africa has been a difficult and often opaque regulatory environment. A few decade..
Kihara Kimachia: We have documented the dangers of software piracy in the past. From an individual point of view, one of negatives associated with pirating software is that you expose yourself t..
By Nguyen Thai Khang: MAPUTO, Mozambique, August 25, 2014/ -- Arriving in Mozambique when the telecom infrastructure was very limited and only 35% of the population was accessible to the teleco..
Kihara Kimachia: Big data is an emerging buzz word around world. It refers to the massive amount of data being produced by systems, applications and equipment. Organizations harness and store th..
Kihara Kimachia: Net neutrality is an important concept that has gained traction in many countries over the last few years. For the uninitiated, net neutrality is a simple concept whose central ..
Kihara Kimachia: According to a recent report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), online advertising in Africa is set to grow by 27% from 2013 to 2018. This is music to the ears o..
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