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Pearl Whitehead: Are you tired of feeling disorganised? Bored of writing endless lists and misplacing them? It’s time to become more systematic so you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease knowin..
West Africa’s largest and best-connected data center LAGOS, Nigeria, January 15, 2015/ -- MainOne (, Nigeria’s leading provider of innovative telecom services and netw..
New report from the Internet Society studies impact on Internet ecosystem in Rwanda Almost all of the commercial websites in Rwanda are hosted abroad WASHINGTON, January 13, 2015/ -- Local In..
ABUJA, Nigeria, January 9, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ — An independent radio station that Gambian authorities ordered to stop broadcasting from January 1 to 4 after a failed coup atte..
Several articles on ICT Africa have focused on cyber-surveillance and how cyber-security has become synonymous with spying on human rights activists and political opponents in some countries. Inst..
‘Yes, I Survived Ebola’ Says Guinean Woman in First-Ever Message Sent Through the Interactive App CONAKRY, Guinea, January 5, 2015/ -- #ISurvivedEbola (, the gr..
Expanding broadband access through wireless networks would be cheaper than building fixed wireline networks, however the benefits would be smaller, according to the Copenhagen Consensus latest stud..
Steve Sanders: The world is not a safe place. This is especially true of the online world. Yet more and more of our transactions, interactions and work are done online. If you owned a ban..
567ms was the two way latency we measured by tracking IP packets as they traversed the network between the Washington DC and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Latency is the time taken ..
In a recent article we discussed why all businesses, big or small, should have an online presence and also refrain from using free emails. In addition to setting up a simple website to promote your..
We have dedicated a tremendous amount of time on ICT Africa addressing cyber-surveillance in Africa. In an article titled Cyber-Surveillance Abuse in Africa we discussed some of the African countr..
Nuur Hasan: If you are looking for a good performance smartphone in a reasonable price range, then check out the list of 7 best budget phones of 2014! Remember not to expect that these budget ph..
Hardly a year after the disappearance without any trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, we are being told that another commercial plane has again gone missing. The odds of it getting lost forever ..
With high mobile device penetration in Africa, the mobile phone is quickly becoming a multifaceted device for several applications. In addition to communications, the mobile phone has been used as ..
Uber is a concept that has taken about 70 cities (and counting) throughout the world by storm and changed the way many people commute. In Africa, Uber has already been established in Johannesburg, ..
In another example of mobile innovations intended to address unique African problems, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recently unveiled an App intended to combat the dreaded Ebola v..
We have discussed cyber terrorism, including how terrorist organizations like ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Shabaab are increasingly resorting to the Internet to facilitate their ruthless terror campaign..
It is startling how many small businesses in Africa operate without a website. The number of businesses, some of them fairly large, who still use free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmai..
The problem of child soldiers did not begin in Africa. But, rebel leaders and tyrants in Africa perfected this new form of warfare. Four-foot killing machines are responsible for a trail of murder ..
We have consistently advocated for the deployment of fiber directly to homes in green fields for those operators and service providers who contemplate deploying wireline broadband access networks. ..
Most of our discussions on hacking have been centered on individual hackers attacking computers for thrills, to catch a philandering spouse or for other personal purposes. We have discussed hacker..
Kihara Kimachia: The Arab Spring of 2010 was extensively reported in the media. Cyber activism via Facebook, Twitter and local cell phone text messages played a vital role in connecting hordes o..
Most of you are most likely aware of the spyware used on computers to capture keystrokes, steal passwords and monitor victim activities on the Internet. What you may not be aware of is that the Int..
This question came up during one of our fiber to the home (FTTH) training workshops in Africa. FTTH networks typically run multiple services, including Internet access, telephony and video - either..
If you try to spend a lot of time on the Internet on your PC using a dongle, you will quickly spend huge sums of money in data bundle costs. Thanks to mobile deals and apps, many people can access ..